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TESSEL . Kinetic Sound Installation by David Letellier + Lab(au)

Posted in Media Arts by yoonchunghan on April 20, 2011

Musical Visions Server

Posted in Media Arts by yoonchunghan on April 4, 2011


Following separate channels of live music, the server projects responsive media back on to the performers and their environment.

Developed in VVVV.

Programing: Kyle McLean
Musicians: Eva Luenig, Delany Delaney, Kyle McLean
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti

Ruben’s tube

Posted in Media Arts by yoonchunghan on April 4, 2011


Rubens’ Tube: Real Life Sound Visualization with Fire and Propane: A classic physics experiment called Rubens’ Tube involves sound, a tube of propane, and fire. A length of pipe is perforated along the top and sealed at both ends. One seal is attached to a small speaker or frequency generator, the other to a supply of a flammable gas. The pipe is filled with the gas, and the gas leaking from the perforations is lit. If a constant frequency is used, a standing wave can form within the tube. When the speaker is turned on, the standing wave will create higher and lower pressure points along the tube. Where there is higher pressure due to the sound waves, more gas will escape from the perforations in the tube, and the flames will be higher at those points. In these cases, it is possible to determine the wavelength by simply measuring with a ruler.

For movie demonstrating the effect of visualizing sound waves by way of fire flames

Conductor: www.mta.me

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Musical Subway map. HTML5 를 이용한 지하철 데이터를 음악으로 변환.

것보다 뉴욕의 지하철 노선도를 디자인한 Massimo Vignelli의 1972 diagram 가 다시금 돋보이는 작품이다.


아티스트 홈페이지: http://blog.chenalexander.com/2011/conductor-mta/