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“Grant Writing” by Corbett Barkeley

Posted in ETC. by yoonchunghan on January 25, 2010

Corbett Barkeley came to our studio class for lecture about “Grant Writing.”
This is the note from the lecture, might be useful for artists who want to get GRANT !

Corbett Barkeley “Grant Writing”

1. What is your work? knowing your project
2. how much money you wanna raise? Strategy you can create
3. Artistic vision statement – statement is changed every year. It’s not dense, easily understandable, clear
4. Timeline – simple. helps you create time strategy
5. Creating supporter, adviser – bring them together- coffeeshop , keep you want track , meeting regularly

– knowing Terminology that panels use

– Grant resources – “Center for Cultural Innovation” http://www.cciarts.org

– non-profit organization / physical sponsorship
check back
go online for details

– Application forms – grant application – questions repeating / put a right beginning
education… project, timeline, methodology, your vision to mission, budget
– recommendation letter / emerging artist, mid-artist (seperate)
– good artistic sample (very well shot, color corrected, DON’T videotape and submit, make sure clearly labeled, high quality, length)
narration : very short, maybe..make panel impressive (“I’m ,,, this is my work, I’m happy to share with you, thank you for taking your time… end)
biggest fault is to make narration too dense.

DON’T make type too small. DON’T make artistic statement too personal.
No more than 2000 letters.
history, credibility,

Project : Work plan and Timeline – methodology , innovation , new ways doing thing,
Budget (you must include your value of time) maximum and minimum (e.g. $5000 / total $20,000) – hourly rate (at least $100 per hour)


– 1. private – program maker(officer) , get to know about those people, relationship, foundation, person who answer on the phone is even important (after 5 years they will make decision)
2. goverment – peer panels (7-9 people , sometimes 5 people) they are just people like you. knowledge, reading about their articles – very good courtesy, get a lot of knowledge

how to evaluate art? – how we struggle,

– make realistic budget
– artistic documentation
– send it thank you email whether you get money or not. (important!)

Grants Resources
http://creative-capital.org/artistsupport/apply feb. film,video,
– durfee.org – grant (arc)
– lamag.org – feb.16.

Hiring Grant Writer : $40 per hour / the best application !

/ \         – fastest and easiest way to get 50% money is to find “individual donor” ( e.g : $10,000 / total $20,000)
/ _ \           I’m $20,000 planning, i’ll raise $10,000
/  _  \       – 20-30% : Grants by Reseaching, Writing, Submitting
/ ___   \    – another approach for individual donors by making a letter campaign or email campaign
/______\   – Alternative methods : garage sales, eBay, bake sales
/_______\ – micro Loan

Questions :
1. do they ability to give money?
2. do they have interest? (realistic rather than art)
3. do they have access to that?

– have lunch with them.

– find donors name on the list of museum homepage.
(lacma, hammer, moca…..)